Monday, September 3, 2012

Nail Mail (August Edition)

I just wanted to show you the latest additions to my “collection” :) 

I heard about Hautelook and signed up a while back but was turned off by the fact they charge for shipping… just charge me more and make me believe shipping is free! I much rather do that than come to terms with how much shipping costs compared to what I am buying… rant over, haha.

So, a few weeks ago, Orly was on Hautelook, minis for $2.50. I was looking at trying out some Orly polishes, I had only tried 3 of their Glam FX glitters… and then it happened, as I was telling myself I would not buy any because of the $5+ shipping charge, they emailed me a $15.00 code!!! No minimums, just $15.00 to spend! So, shipping charges and all I got 4 mini Orly polishes for $0.95, now that my friends, is what I call a deal!

Here are the 4 shades I got, excited to use them soon!

(L to R) Nite Owl, Snowcone, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe and Fowl Play

If you want to try Hautelook and don't have an account yet, you can use my referral link

I also got some more nail polish from Copious with a credit I got from a link that another blogger posted. HITS is a brand I had not heard about before, but the glitters looked pretty good. Here are the swatches, the smell is kinda strong but I love the way they look and for $0.01 (now you have to spend at least $0.50 even when using a credit), these were also a great deal!

Grrr hard to picture all these glitter! Prettier in person!
Another great idea I had recently was to look online for nail polish trading and nail mail pals groups. I joined Adopt A Friend, which is basically a group where you are paired up with one (or more) pals, you send them a letter telling them about yourself and a little gift with it. Most people send nail polish or nail polish related stuff; unfortunately the group is on recess this month while the admins sort out some issues like swaplifters (people who receive but don’t send anything), and such. I am looking forward to October’s exchange already.

Here is what I got from my pen pal:

My first Essence polish! And I learned not to underestimate the beauty of a color and try it on before deciding whether you like it or not :) I actually used this pretty color on my first “fimo mani” (will do a post on it soon). 

And this Sally Hansen is one I had never seen before, what a cool combination!!! White and gold glitter! I feel it could go over ANY color and look fantabulous! See?
Look at the middle one, China Glaze Stone Cold! OMG! It dries so nicely!!! Can’t explain it with words, just look again!!!! 
Last but not least, I started a beautiful friendship with Sam from Shenailigans a few weeks back! I was following her blog and not only did she have awesome posts, she also seem really cool. I emailed her asking her for some advice and help with my blog and she was so helpful and nice! We were having the Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens and I offered to pick some up for her (she is in Canada), I sent her the colors below and some other cute little things (she blogged about it here)

Since I saw she was “frankening” I asked her to make me some polishes! I wanted her Floam dupe so bad!!! But the rest I left open to her imagination! How awesome are these colors???

My package was incredible!!! She also sent me a bunch of other awesome goodies!!! Happy girl over here < -----

I wore this colorful mani this weekend on my trip to MN, we were going to the State Fair and I thought these nails would definitely be fair appropriate :)

Thank you Sam! I look forward to many more exchanges and a long friendship!

Thank you for stopping by,
 Fiorella :)

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