Monday, July 30, 2012

Copious treasures!!!

Have you heard of Copious? I found the site a couple of months ago and have gotten 4 orders so far :) Copious is a site where people sell their stuff, kinda like an Ebay/Etsy combo. 

Some stuff is brand new, some is gently used, some is handmade, etc. You sign up either using Facebook or Twitter, you get a $10 credit when you sign up and if you use a referral link, the person who referred you will get a $5 credit the first time you make a purchase. Here is my referral link:

There are tons of things for $10 or less and many include free shipping! You do have to spend a penny ($0.01), so you can find something that costs $10.01, pay $0.01 of your own money and use your $10 credit. I have used 2 different credit cards and had no issues whatsoever.

The site can be overwhelming when you first start searching for stuff, but it get easy, you can click on a little heart icon for items you "love" and you can follow people and see things they love! The more I use it, the easier it gets and I find better and better deals. 

They also issue random credits, I have gotten three $10 credits, one in June "to beat the Monday blues", and 2 in July "Friday the 13th weekend" and some other random weekend credit on 7/20/2012.

I have pictures of everything I have gotten and using my credits, all together I have spent $2.88, that's it!!! Check it out: 

I used my first credit to get handmade elastic hair ties and headbands, they are adorable and look at the packaging!!!

Using my first $10 credit I got 3 elastic headbands for $0.87 and 10 elastic hair ties for $0.01 (I got 4 hair ties free, two per order)

With my second $10 credit I got Nail Polish from 2 different sellers! Perfectly wrapped!

KleanColor Pinky Moon #30, I paid $0.01

The other polish I got was also wrapped nicely!

KleanColor Blind Date #195, I paid $1.91

With my third $10 credit I got MORE NAIL POLISH!!! hahaha are you surprised? This time I did better, I found two I liked from the same vendor and with free shipping :)

KleanColor - Red Hot #189 ($0.01) & Afternoon Picnic #194 ($0.07)

Close up

So, have you used Copious? What are your thoughts? If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Here is my referral link:

If you use it, come back and let me know what you got :)

Happy shopping! 

Fiorella :)

Review: Color Club Take Wing (Summer 2012) Collection

A few weeks ago I picked up this cute set at Burlington Coat Factory (odd, I know!) I had a coupon and ended up getting the set for less than $7!!! I have a few other Color Club polishes (Disco Nap from Birchbox) and 4 neon colors also from Burlington.

The quality of the polishes is pretty good and they were super easy to work with. The Take Wing Color Club set contains 6 colors: Yellow, Orange, Lime Green, Dark Green/Turquoise, Blue, Hot Pink and a clear coat. They are soooo shimmery and pretty, but they definitely need 3 coats to be opaque.

What I don't understand about Color Club is the lack of labeling the individual polishes :( Do you guys know why? Or did I just get a weird set?

Yellow, Orange, Lime Green

Dark Green/Turqouise, Blue, Hot Pink and Clear Coat

I wanted to try them all at once, but went with 3 colors for my mani :) I picked the Hot Pink, Orange and Yellow.

I used China Glaze Luxe and Lush (one of my favorite glitter/flaky top coats) and tried out my dotting tool for the first time with white polish... I need more practice :)

What do you think? Do you like Color Club polishes? Do you like this collection? I appreciate and read all your comments or questions, thank you for stopping by!

Fiorella :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My First Giveaway!!!

Woo Hoo!!! I am soooo excited to put together My First Giveaway!!! I am new at this and based on how this first one turns out, I have some other ones in mind :)

I am using Rafflecopter and have the giveaway setup to expire on 08/04/2012, I am impatient so there :) Hurry up and enter!!!

This first one is only for U.S. and Canada. I would like to eventually do an international giveaway but I'm not there yet :) patience, stick around and you will see!

Share away and good luck to all of you! I will email the winner and I NEED to hear back within 48 hours from the time I email you, otherwise I will pick a new winner.

Here is what I have for you:

1) Somersault - Circus By Andrea's Choice
This will not be available until the Fall, I received it in my July MyGlam and while it's awesome I already have way too many yellows so I figured I would make someone else Lucky!

2) Cinderella - Sinful Colors Professional
If you don't have this, you want it!!! I bought one for me, one for a friend and one for this giveaway because it is AWESOME!!!

3) Starry Glitter Silver #105 - NYC 
Because a girl can never have too much glitter!!! This one is so simple yet so awesome!!! And it pairs up great with Cinderella!

*Note, for best results Somersault and Cinderella should be used with "underwear", one coat of whatever white you have will do the trick! Bottles have only been swatched for the pictures below, all in perfect condition.

I hope the winner is someone who will truly appreciate this gift :) Good luck to all of you! Enter below and share, share, share!

***All of the products/prizes were purchased with my own money***

Any comments or questions are welcome and appreciated!

Happy Sunday!

Fiorella :)

You know you want them all!!!

No Flash - Somersault (3 coats, no base)

No flash - 1 coat white base + 2 coats Cinderella + 2 coats Starry Glitter Silver #105

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sinful Colors Professional … I’m a sinner!

A couple of years ago I picked up a couple bottles of Sinful Colors nail polishes at Walgreens, don’t remember the names but I think one was orange and the other one purple, I liked them ok for the price. I moved and ended up leaving them behind; a few months ago Walgreens had them on sale for $0.99 so I picked up 3 glitter polishes, Frenzy #922, Call You Later #932 and Nail Junkie #927, I loved them all :)
Time went by and I started developing a nail polish addiction, OPI, China Glaze, Venique and lately Julep, I started this blog and I started following other polish related blogs :) and a couple days ago there it was… temptation again… Walgreens having that freaking sale once again… Sinful Colors Professional polishes for $0.99… ahhhhhhhhh!!!

I skipped my Julep box this month, just wasn’t feeling the metallic they had to offer (if I regret missing out I will pray for a mystery box) and so as any good addict would do, I felt justified to shop at 4 different Walgreens within the last 24 hours and ended up with 15 brand new beautiful Sinful Colors!!!!  (Note to self: they are on sale until Saturday… stay away, stay away!!!)

I have been testing them on just one nail at the time for the most part and can tell you that for $0.99 I am pretty satisfied, of course some of them need underwear (base color) and definitely wouldn’t skip on base or top coat, overall love the variety and the consistency!

My new polishes:

Unicorn #953 (creamy light yellow? It made me think of Vanilla pudding, I love the color but definitely needs underwear… pics show it after 3 coats and you can still see some spots)

San Francisco #283 (I am soooo using this one for Christmas, I can’t wait to put my China Glaze Twinkle Lights as a top coat on this baby! Definitely needs 3 coats)

Neptune #1114 (One of those bottles that catches your eye, you pick it up, you put it down, repeat the cycle a couple of times and finally take it home, can’t explain my attraction to it but it’s there… maybe the micro tiny mini mini shimmer?)

Grecian Sun #1109 (makes me feel really trendy for some reason haha)

Innocent #944 (lime green, definitely needs 3 coats, definitely a summer shade to play with)

Cinderella #1106 (need I say more? This color is to die for! It definitely needs underwear as it took about 5 coats to get opaque but I am not giving up, it’s unlike any other color in my stash and it just makes you feel all princess-y)

Secret Admirer #933 (Dark gray, almost black with tiny tiny micro shimmer particles in silver, AWESOME, opaque after 2 coats, can’t wait to see it with glitter on top!)

Snow Me White #101 (plain creamy white, super opaque in just 2 coats!!!)

Tokyo Pearl #112 (beautiful pearly white, 2 or 3 coats)

Cross My Heart #957 (Red, Jelly like, beautifully bright, I used 3 coats but you wanna try it as a top coat for a Jelly Sandwich mani!)

Rise and Shine #940 (Teal/Turquoise, after 3 coats it looks great, it dries to a satin finish and you can see tiny shimmer if you look up close)

Pull Over #955 (I have this love/hate relationship with yellow polishes and somehow I own way too many yellows but I had to try it! Think Taxi Cab Yellow! After 3 coats is still streaky :( Ugh! Definitely needs underwear…)

Let’s Talk #929 (True purple, some might call it metallic… OMG! This one kept looking at me and begging me to take it home, I gave in, I did and it’s one of my new favorites, 2 or 3 coats depending on how obsessive you are)

Pinky Glitter #830 (yes I had to test it on my pinky! I have picked this one up at least 10 times in the last few months, today I finally bought it and I love it, it’s so simple and so beautiful at the same time! 3 coats and it’s all you need!)

Ciao Bella #989 (apparently I have a case of the bluesssss! It shines like crazy! It needs 3 coats and it makes me feel rich haha)

Have you tried Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polishes? What do you think? I appreciate your comments and read them all! Thank you for stopping by!
Fiorella :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Xtreme Wear Review!

Apparently I am obsessed trying to find the perfect seafoam green or mint polish color (yes Julep and the darker Daphne color, it's all your fault) ... I was goofing around at Target with my boyfriend the other night and spotted these two bottles, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Xtreme Wear for $2.49 and Sonia Kashuk Fairy Princess for $4.69 

After staring at them long enough I decided the "blue-ish" shimmer in the Sonia Kashuk polish, while pretty, was not was I was looking for. I went with Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Xtreme Wear! I put it on my toenails at first and loved it so much I put it on my fingernails as well the day after. I haven't matched my fingernails and my toenails in a while so this means I really REALLY like this color! 

Pardon the not so perfect application, I was excited and rushing a bit :)

This is after 3 days, the polish is holding up pretty good :) That ring has the color I am trying to match, I feel I am close but not quite there yet.

I added a coat of Julep Mila glitter as the accent nail at the end of day 3.
Overall, for the price I am happy with this polish, I had never tried Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear colors so I was happy to like this one, nice to know you can find good polishes at any price point. The polish was a bit on the thick side, which I expected due the creamy texture and finish, I did get some bubbles but I think it was due to the application (again excited and rushing).

I loved the color, I am getting ready to take it off because I have so many other colors I need to try on but will definitely be wearing Mint Sorbet again! Woo Hoo! :)

Fiorella :)

Julep Nail Polish... I can't pick just one!

Due to my latest obsession (read JULEP) I find myself facing the difficult decision of picking one color when I'm going to do my nails... a few days ago, when faced with this dilemma, I decided I couldn't pick just one, I had way too many brand new bottles I wanted to try, so I did! and then, like magic, I found a dress in my closet that was a perfect match :)

Left to Right: O' Canada, Daisy, Georgia, Sasha (shy bottle didn't want to look at the camera) and Mischa!
Close up of Daisy, Georgia and Sasha! I'm in love!

Mischa = Beautiful!
Sasha = pretty!
Georgia = I need you in my life!
Daisy = Because we all need a yellow nail polish!
O'Canada = the camera does you no justice. Beautiful glitter!!!

Overall while I felt very adventurous wearing them all at once I only kept them on for 2 days. It was hard to find other matching outfits! But I loved all the polishes in this post, my favorite is probably Mischa, closely followed by Georgia... the microglitter texture made them super easy to apply and the finish was gorgeous!

What do you think? Do you ever do your nails and then find something that magically matches them?

If you are thinking about becoming a Maven here is my link HTTP://JULEP.COM/?R=20716829 use "PENNYINTRO" or "COLOR2012" to get your intro box for $0.01, keep your account active for at least 30 days (you can skip the next box if you need to). Let me know you used my link and I might just send you a little "thank you" surprise ;)

Fiorella :)

MyGlam July 2012 Bag Review! Awesome!

Yes!!!!!!!!! That time of the month!!! Beauty mail!!! I was very excited about this month's bag, the theme was Beach Beauty and it did not disappoint!!!

I got a super cute bag with:
  • Yes to Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towelettes
  • NuMe HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner
  • Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer
  • Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain
  • Circus by Andrea's Choice Nail Polish

The bag <3
I have used these and they area amazing! Getting ready to go to Peru  for a few days and these are coming with!!!
So pretty! 
Good size bottle!
Good size conditioner sample, I have never heard of this brand and this looks like a sample I can actually use! I have massive curly hair so the little jars from other bags I have gotten are not even worth messing with for me. This is also going on my trip! :)
Another good size sample that I will be taking on my trip :)
I am just catching on to the "stain" craze and this product looks awesome, full size, retails for $19.00 at Sephora!
Pretty color that goes with my skin tone (pardon the shadow)
This is my third MyGlam bag and I am pretty happy with the subscription, for me it feels like every month they are working harder to send us better bags! $10 a month :) Definitely winning!

Do you subscribe to MyGlam? What did you get?

Fiorella :)