Monday, September 3, 2012

August 2012 Beauty boxes (super late post) Birchbox and MyGlam

So yeah, on an effort to get caught up, and probably by now you all have seen posts like this one, so I’m just going to quickly share what I got in my boxes and my thoughts on them. 

I was out of the country for almost 2 weeks and it was crazy awesome to find so many packages waiting for me when I got home. Beauty subscriptions, swaps, mini hauls, etc, etc 

Here is what I got in my Birchbox:

Curls, curls, curls! Oh I have tons of them!!! I have seen this brand at Target and have been tempted to pick up some products but I hate spending “full price” money on stuff unless I know it works. 

I was extremely happy to get CURLY MERINGUE :) I have used it a couple of times and I like it so far. I do feel it leaves a bit of a residue on your hair but it does seem to control frizz and shape up the curls and it smells delicious! I would rather have a tube than a jar, just because I hate sticking my hands in jars of stuff and get product under my nails but that might be part of my OCD. Once I am close to finishing the sample jar I might have to use some of my Birchbox points and get the full size product! I have not used the conditioner yet but I am guessing I will like it as well.

The perfume sample smells pretty good, but they are so tiny that in my mind I have to consider them extras. I haven’t used the foot cream yet so I really have no opinion on it, but the size is definitely good for a sample. 

Now the Talika Lipocils expert seemed promising... but I was oh so confused with how the wand was supposed to look, based on the picture printed on the box and the pictures online I was expecting it to have the dual wand. I emailed them to clarify and they responded this is the way the sample was meant to be… ok… haven’t tried it yet, I guess the confusion kinda turned me off, oh well.

The razor was an “extra” and I am still in search of the “perfect” razor so I used it this weekend and it was pretty good but no better than other ones I have tried. With how expensive razors are, it was definitely a nice bonus.

And this was the MyGlam bag:

Dragon Fruit!!!! Fresh, sweet, delicious smell, I actually brought this with me on my weekend trip to MN and it worked great, only thing is that mine at least, feels a bit oily when you roll it on, no big deal but unexpected.

I have not used the skin care items yet, I kinda want to give my face a break and some consistency, because trying all these different skin care samples keeps upsetting my face and I am breaking out way too often lately. The shadow has not been used yet either but looks promising.

Oh the lipgloss!!!!!!!! I looooove the color, the consistency, the packaging, the size, the smell!!!!!! I also brought it with me on my trip this weekend and it did not disappoint. It is not sticky and the color does not go on scary neon as you would think; it’s just a pretty pink gloss that smells like watermelon :)

Oh, don't let me forget! Nail polish! I just might have to keep this one! It’s so bright and I don’t have that shade or anything close to it on any other brand. I only swatched it on the nail wheel and haven’t had time to wear it so I can’t speak about the wear or quality. Will try to use it soon and let you know!

See? Similar but not the same...

I have been thinking about a low buy month (I can’t lie to myself and commit to a no buy month haha) and possibly giving up one of these 2 subscriptions, not so much because of the money but because I don’t know what to do with all the stuff I get. I took a bunch to my friends and family in Peru on my last trip but somehow my goodies basket keeps growing!

I dropped GlossyBox because they had too many issues and I did not feel I was getting much value out of it. I do not regret dropping them, at least not right now. Do you subscribe to MyGlam, Birchbox or any others? Is the fad over? Love to get your feedback!

Thank you for stopping by,

Fiorella :)


  1. Nice boxes! I couldn't subscribe even if I wanted to since I'm in Canada but it's fun to see what services offer in other countries!

    1. Candice, do you subscribe to any beauty boxes in Canada? and who knows, one of these days MyGlam might go International! :)