Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My 4th of July nails:)

Hello all, so here is my attempt of a blogpost/tutorial or at least my desire to show you what I ended up doing for my 4th of July nails :) Hope you like it, any questions or comments are welcome. Have a happy and safe 4th! 

Products I used:
  • Nail Therapy Basecoat (Julep)
  • "Kate" (white- Julep)
  • "January" (red- Julep)
  • "Blue my mind" (OPI)
  • "America" (red+blue+silver glitter - Julep)
  • "Luxe and Lush" (China Glaze)
  • Fast Dry Top Coat (Julep)
  • Tape (regular dollar store brand, nothing fancy)
  • Craft scissors (I used one with small and big waves from Walmart, less than $2)
Here is where I got the scissors + tape idea from: http://birch.ly/MXXvV1 as you can see, you can start from any idea and make it your own :)

I applied 3 coats of Kate
It was my first time doing something like this and I wanted to make sure the tape wouldn't pull off the white, so I did the white and waited about 24 hours to do the rest. Basically I cut the tape and placed it on my nails making sure the parts near the cuticle were secure, I alternated fingers/colors so I would have less of a risk of messing up (that way only every other nail would have tape on at the time).

I found the tape peeled easily enough without lifting any of the white but definitely recommend waiting at least 2-3 minutes before peeling it off so the other color is somewhat dry. I did 2 coats of both the blue and the red on the taped nails. On my pinky I used America (2 coats).

At this point I was just going to put some top coat but I couldn't help myself, I needed some glitter :) -don't judge- so I went with "Luxe and Lush" which is basically glitter flakes and wouldn't overpower the whole thing. 
Right hand
Left hand
Close up
 I love polish and wear all kinds of colors changing it about once a week, but this is the first time I actually tried something a little more complex than just putting tons of glitter on or doing colored tips. I am pretty happy with the results, it was time consuming but I enjoyed the adventure and Netflix kept me entertained :)

What do you think? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? 
Thanks for stopping by :)
Fiorella :)


  1. Good Job , You're becoming an expert!!

  2. I love them!! I just want to get my box and play lol

    1. Haha Thank you Lauren, I guess I just felt adventurous enough :) Hope your box comes soon!!!