Thursday, July 5, 2012

Julep June Boho Glam Box

This box arrived quickly, shipped on the 27th and made it by the 30th to Kansas City :) I haven't had a chance to use the polishes (because I have my nails busy with my 4th of July mani-pedi -don't judge-) but I am dying to wear both Mischa and Georgia as they are gorgeous!!!! The lip vernis "Poppy" is amazing! Just enough pigment if applied lightly but you can build up to a more saturated shade if you apply a couple of coats, tons of gloss but not sticky and it smells delicious! 

Here are some pics:

The box was wrapped in a patriotic theme and had some candy  included :)
Look at that!!!!
Poppy (lip vernis/gloss), Mischa & Georgia
Free America Glitter/Stars polish
From what I have read on Facebook, apparently there was a case of "mistaken identity" between Mischa and Georgia, not sure what the whole deal was, either the labels on the website or on the polishes seemed to be confusing people as to which one is which. It didn't make a difference to me because they were both in my box and I love them both, but Julep shined again and because they are awesome they ended up sending people both colors if they had ordered one of them as add-ons (to make sure they got the one they wanted - whichever one of the two it was). 

The more I learn about this company (and the other subscription companies) the more I like and appreciate Julep and everything they do to make customers happy, they are truly an example when it comes to service (an I am not getting paid to say this), it is just my honest opinion. I am a business student and I have been working in customer service for years, therefore I know what good service is when I see it and Julep rocks!
Georgia & Mischa close up :)

Georgia & Mischa

Poppy (pardon my shaky/excited hand)
I have used the lip gloss a couple of times already since the box arrives and I am loving it :) I have light tan skin and a lot of times lip glosses are way too light for me but this color is perfect (don't be scared by the orange look it has when you first open it) 

One coat of Poppy
 What do you think about this box? What did you get? Comments? Questions?

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Fiorella :)


  1. Great review my friend ordered CWAT box with Georgia and Chelsea as add ons so she will probably get both of them, so excited for her, I also signed up via google friend so I could follow your blog, I also love Julep and their great customer service also :)

    1. Thank you Emma, that means a lot to me :) I am just getting started with this blogging thing but I am having fun so far and I think that's what counts! and yes, Julep Customer Service rocks! :) Hope your friend loves her box!

  2. I love the Georgia nail polish with the gold shimmer in it, so pretty! not julep related I managed to get a polish 11 set of 8ml bottles so I am all good for bottles for our trade.

    1. I know it's been forever since you wrote this, I read it on my phone and it's taken me this long to sit at my computer and reply hahaha. Do you have Georgia?