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Thursday, July 5, 2012

GlossyBox USA June 2012: the box and other craziness...

My second GlossyBox, overall it seems like an ok box for the money ($21) but I am big on service and so far I am just seeing/reading/hearing many things I don't like about this company... Trying out one more (benefit of the doubt) so I can make a decision...

If you are reading this you probably subscribe to either GlossyBox or one of the other beauty sampling subscription services and more than likely have heard the craziness around GlossyBox... I don't have all the details but when I started getting into beauty subs a couple months ago I saw some YouTube videos and read some blog reviews about the company and how awesome it was in other countries; I signed up as soon as the US openings were available. The first box was ok for a first box, this one is not necessarily bad as far as the product but as I stated, their customer service team seems in need if training/coaching/etc.

I emailed them last month asking about changing my cc information (can't find a spot on the site to do so), never got a response, which was not a big deal to me and I just kept it on the initial cc. My initial box was charged in the middle of May (as soon as I subscribed) and was shipped the last week of May. 

Last month (June) I was charged on the 7th and the box shipped at the end of the month on 6/27 and I received it today in Kansas City (7/5) with the holiday and all I wasn't too concerned about the time frame this time... However I was charged for my July box on 7/3 ***before my June box arrived and I could decide whether I was keeping the subscription or not*** According to their terms there are no refunds even if you cancel after they charge you... I guess they just send you a box a month later ... On 7/4 I received more emails confirming my payment ***they say it was a glitch with the email system*** so far only one charge on my cc but I am watching it closely as some people are stating they DID get charged multiple times for July while they are still waiting this (June) box.

I have not called them or tried to, but lots of members are upset because apparently they are receiving damaged product (spilled, empty, etc) and are not getting the expected response when they call... apparently they are deleting posts from unhappy members from their FB page (has not happened to me... yet) and so forth...

Since I have already paid for July I will wait for that box (and gove the company time to shape up) before I make my final decision... for now, here is the June box...

This is tiny & I have a lot of hair, will either give away or use on my ends if I am bored...

This smells delicious and I can't wait to use it. The label says "HIBISCUS & FIG"  Definitely fruity/flowery, I like the scent and the texture seems nice too, creamy :) will probably keep at my bf's place :)

I have seen this brand at Sephora and been tempted to try  it.  Seems like a great product to try, will probably use tomorrow morning and will update you on it. No scent that I can identify.
Oh and it came sealed *bonus points*

Some really expensive cream set when you look at the full price... over $100 so I probably won't use this as I doubt I would spend that much...

Cream Eye Shadow... now this looks cool - to me -

I will be wearing this tomorrow, seems like it would be a nice glow-y color or even a base.  It dries to a nice smooth non-greasy finish
This smells like a mixed of something gross and something gross-er ... can't explain it any other way... sorry... and it looks kinda empty too... oh well...

Like I said, I am still evaluating this subscription, thoughts? comments?

Thank you for stopping by, Fiorella :)


  1. I really love the Eye shadow color!

  2. MANY of my comments were deleted on the facebook page. I also was commenting on anothers girl post and it magically disappeared. Their costumers service........wait! What costumers service?