Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birchbox July 2012 Review - Lots of pictures!

Apparently today was "mail day" woo hoo!
My box shipped out on 07/07 (Saturday) and I received it today 07/12 (Thursday) in Kansas City, this is my third Birchbox and for $10 I am liking what I'm getting :) My box was 0.5536 (for those of you who track that sort of thing).
Glamour + Birchbox July 2012
Open it already!

I got Ada Cosmetics Bronzer, looks like a great size for a sample, I haven't tried bronzers before but have been tempted so now I have a reason :) Oh and because I know you are going to ask, I will tell you already, the polish I am wearing is "Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Xtreme Wear" (will be doing a  review on that also)

I also got the High-Gloss Masque from Gloss Moderne and while this jar is a good size for a sample and it smells delicious (coconut like) I have MASSIVE curly air so It's probably going on my "gift" pile :)

See that?
I got a full size Stila Lip Glaze, the color is called "Camera", looks pretty and I have been dying to try this because I want to buy the 3 pack!!!

It is not a big deal for me but it does say "Made in China" for those of you who care...

I got Harvey Prince - Hello, and it smells nice, I don't know how to describe it but I like it. The sample size is bigger than the usual ones you get for free at department stores (but I don't shop for perfume often so I might be wrong) and I love that it has the little spray!!!

I got two Lifestyle extras:

Larabar - uber

A treat is a treat!
But not a protein bar...
And the other Lifestyle extra... OMG!!! I loooooooooooove this earbuds!!!!!!!!

I recently went back to working out and use this little gadget with some white/grey earbuds that came with my old cellphone I think...

Look at me now!!!!

Like I said, for $10 I am pretty happy with my box, what did you get? If you are new to Birchbox be nice and use my link: DO IT! :) $10.00 a month, give yourself a little gift :)  

Have an awesome weekend,

Fiorella :)

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