Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beauty Sampling Subscriptions

Wow it's been forever since I created this blog and I've been bad about updating... usually I just post stuff on FB but I'm afraid my friends on there are going crazy with all my makeup/nail polish/etc pics haha maybe this will be a better outlet for it :)

So yeah, in the last couple of months I have come across this crazy thing called beauty sampling subscriptions, there are many out there, I'm pretty new at them and no expert by any means, I just like pretty things and I'm becoming somewhat of an addict, but hey they make me happy and are not really that expensive :)

I currently subscribe to Birchbox, MyGlam, GlossyBoxUsa and Julep; ideally I told myself I would try the out and only keep one... month 2 I can't let go of any just yet!!! :) If you haven't tried any I suggest you look up review online, lots of people post pics of what they get and such, lots of them are hit and miss but that's the beauty of it. If you do subscribe, does your heart pound like crazy when you get your shipment notification too? Hahaha mine does, and I check those tracking numbers like crazy! :) Oh the joy of reading "Delivered" and rushing to the mailbox <3

Pics coming, stay tuned :)

Most of them have rewards/points programs so you can earn free boxes/stuff :) DO IT! :) $10.00 a month, give yourself a little gift :)

If you are thinking about becoming a Maven here is my link HTTP://JULEP.COM/?R=20716829 use "PENNYINTRO" or "COLOR2012" to get your intro box for $0.01, keep your account active for at least 30 days (you can skip the next box if you need to). Let me know you used my link (leave me a comment below saying so) and I might just send you a little "thank you" surprise ;)

Love, Fiorella :)

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