Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well hello, the idea of starting a blog has been on my mind long enough so I decided to give it a shot.... it might be a good idea to have some sort of intro so here it goes... born and raised in a land of far far away, moved to the US a few years ago and "here" is now "home"... Spanish is my first language so you may see random posts in spanish :) I have a full time job (sometimes stressful and not a lot of fun but it pays the bills)... I love all things colorful and different... I love shopping but will only buy when things are on sale :) shoes are somewhat of an addiction... but hey nobody gets hurt :) ... Since moving here (the US) I've had tons of different jobs, accomplished many goals and was living the "American Dream" in Arizona. I had an awesome job, a cool and unique house, friends and all. Ended up moving to KS City at the beginning of 2011, and I'm enjoying this place. I would like to use this blog as a tool to reconnect with myself, and talk to all my imaginary friends :) whoo hoooooooooooooo

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