Thursday, June 21, 2012

Color Club Mighty Brights NEON OMG!!!

I bought this 4 pack a couple of days ago and homework has kept me busy but finally I had a chance to take some pictures and do some swatches!!! The colors are gorgeous!!! The pictures show the results with  two coats, I guess you could do 3 if you want them more saturated/opaque or use a white base. I will probably try a white base when I actually use them on my nails but I wanted to see what they would look like without a base first!

I have been looking for true neon colors for a while and when I saw this set I had to get it!!! Too bad it didn't come a yellow (oh well another reason to keep looking), and as far as the brand, I don't know much about Color Club, I got one of their polishes in my first Birchbox (which I haven't worn, just swatched) but it looks like the polishes have average consistency and the application was smooth. The colors dry to a matte/satin finish which is pretty but if you like gloss a top coat will do the trick :)

I have no idea how old this collection is, is probably not new new, but the polishes are in perfect condition (not old/gross/sticky). I actually bought this set at Burlington (the price was a ridiculous deal) and neither the bottles or the package have the color names on the polishes. I checked the brand's website but no luck, based on what I have seen from other blogs the names might be as follows:

Pink: Pink Lust?
OrangeAmp'd Up?
Purple: Power Play?
Green: Limelight?

What do you think?

With flash

No flash

One coat/no base/no flash
Two coats/no base/no flash

Two coats/no base/with flash

Two coats/no base/no flash

Two coats/no base/with flash
Two coats/no base/no flash

Two coats/no base/with flash

I did my mani with the green and pink from this collection and put "Nothin' Mousie 'bout it" from the OPI's Vintage Minnie Collection on the accent nail :)

Do you like it?

Fiorella :)


  1. These are gorgeous!! I have seen on some other blogs that they might include one in birchbox this know my fingers are crossed!

    1. ohhhh!!! Fingers crossed here too! Just added some pics of the mani I did with the green and pink accent nails :)

    2. I love the green and pink manicure :) I got a color club blue-ming in my July birchbox, and it is such a pretty mint color- kinda like what I thought I was getting in Daphne ;)

    3. Woo hoo! I saw some other people posted that, I didn't get polish on my Birchbox which was ok (my place is slightly overflowing with nail polish bottles, they are taking over, they are everywhere!!! hahaha). Have you tried yours yet? :)