Friday, May 31, 2013 April and May 2013 Mystery Beauty Boxes

I know it's almost June, but oh well, maybe you still want to see what I got in my last two mystery beauty box(es)! Sorry about the bad picture, my April box wasn't all that exciting, most products have been put away now in the "I will try this some day or give it away" drawers. The only thing I have used from this box so far is the tendu treatment mask, it's a hair mask and it smells good, but don't they all? 

So yeah. that was the April box, I subscribe to so it's $24.95 a month, March was awesome, April was kinda blah but May picked back up! Here is what I got in my May box:
This conditioner smells pretty good and it's full size, I'm using it in my spare bathroom just to have something there, but I would have never picked this up for myself because it says "Advanced Volume" and I have crazy volume (also known as fluff) already!
Next up, a BB cream, haven't had a chance to use it yet but I'll give it a go, always excited to try one out, I currently use Smashbox BB cream but I'm not 100% convinced...
This little baby is pretty cool, I've seen different brands come out with this gel eyeliner format, where the brush is part of the packaging! Genius! I don't know about you, but I can never find the right brush for gel eyeliner (and I probably have 10) so this will make life easier, especially for traveling!
Oh the polishes everyone has been talking about! Apparently this set retails for $29, the colors are gorgeous, formula not so much unfortunately. In my opinion: Sea Glass (mint) and B-Days In Cabo (pink) have a better formula than Jelly Shot (coral) and Dream Catcher (light lavender). The first two you can work with, requiring 3 coats for opacity, but the last two, even after 4 coats I can see spots :( 
Ignore the middle finger (Orly Peaceful Opposition)
I must say I love the colors, just wish the formula was better as far as coverage, especially for Jelly Shot!
Last thing in my box, and one of my favorites! Baublebar bracelet! I guess they only sent these out to the first 2000 orders, glad I got one! It also comes with a 20% off coupon for the site
It's a bit childish but I think it's super cute, I love the fact that it is adjustable, I have tiny wrists so finding bracelets that don't fall off is always a difficult task!

Do you susbcribe to what do you think of these boxes? While April was not all that great, I am keeping this subscription, I still feel that the value is there! Let's see what they bring in June!

Thank you for stopping by,
Fiorella :)


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    1. Same here! I just got June's box TODAY! Love! <3

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