Monday, March 4, 2013

My elf Mystery Bag 2013

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! OMG I feel like I have abandoned this poor blog! I have been trying to post on my Facebook page and even made some appearances on YouTube!!! Anywho... the reason I had to blog today is my most recent elf haul! Which included their FREE mystery bag!!! ahhhhh!!!

I had placed a small elf order when they had free shipping (on orders $15+) for President's Day, then a few days later they posted the Mystery Bag deal.

Basically, if you ordered at least $20 worth of products you would get a free Mystery Bag worth at least $20!!! Also, some people would receive gift cards in addition to the mystery bag (I didn't but oh well). You had to pay for shipping ($6.95) but still a good deal in my opinion!

To make the most out of my order I decided to get 20 products from the essential line ($1 each), all things I had been needing or wanted to try.

Here is what everything I received (including what I ordered plus the Mystery Bag):
These are the 20 products I ordered: 
And here are just the products from the Mystery Bag: 
The only product I have ever tried from what I got in the Mystery Bag is the Nourishing Cuticle Pen which I actually like :) Everything else is new to me!

Here is the breakdown of what was in my Mystery Bag and how much each product is worth; I do not know if everyone receives the same products or not.
From L to R:
  • Defining Eye Brush (essential line) $1
  • Nourishing Cuticle Pen (essential line) $1
  • Essential Hand Sanitizer Aloe Vera Infused (essential line) $1
  • Essential Hand Sanitizer Aloe Vera Infused (essential line) $1
  • Essential Hand Sanitizer Vitamin E Infused (essential line) $1
  • Lotion Wipes Vanilla Sugar Cookie (studio line) $3
From L to R:
  • Primer Eyeshadow in Misty Mauve (essential line) $2
  • Glitter Gloss in Golden Glitz (studio line) $3
  • Body Shimmer in Blazing Bronze (studio line) $3
  • Lip Stain in Crimson Crush (essential line) $2
  • Hypershine Lipgloss in Flirt (essential line) $1
  • Glitter Eyeshadow in Night Owl (essential line) $2

If my math is working right, that means my mystery bag was worth $21! Yippee!!!! I'm actually pretty happy with it, while it had some products from the essential line, some of them were the $2 items I have been wanting to try! And they also put some of the studio line items in the bag! I believe it was a good mix and I am extremely excited to try the Primer Eyeshadow in Misty Mauve and the Glitter Eyeshadow in Night Owl! OMG so many pretties don't know where to start!!!

What do you think of my haul? Do you like elf? Have you tried elf? You can buy their products at (they did not pay me for this post, I wish they did hahaha)

Don't forget to enter my Giveaway! (some of the products from this post might be in your surprise bag if you win) 

Thank you for stopping by,
Fiorella :)


  1. I really like e.l.f. products, especially their brushes and lipsticks. I think they're terribly under-rated.

  2. wonderful haul.. i have an open worldwide giveaway.. you can invite your readers to join. :)

  3. You have a great haul there! And you got it at a great deal too! It's really good to have a trusted store where we get our stuff especially makeups. And in purchasing online, we also have to consider the method of shipping. It's great to receive the products in their best condition. Renea Luong

  4. I love elf! The best part is they are cruelty free and now I know where to buy a cruelty free hand sanitizer!!