Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Girl With The Golden Nails!

Hope you are all doing great! Tonight I want to show you OPI's "The Man With The Golden Gun" Oh am I excited about this one!!! Here is the final product, let me tell you how I got there!
Bottle shots:
Last night I cut my nails all the way down just because I was ready for a fresh start :) I used 2 Color Club polishes I got in my Birchbox in the last few months, the gold is called "Disco Nap" and the blue is called "Insta-This". I used butte LONDON Matte Finish Top Coat over the blue and I like the way it turned out :)
But today, I finally got my hands on this bottle of awesomeness!!!! OPI's "The Man With The Golden Gun" This is what I had seen online:
This is what the box looks like in real life :)
It even comes sealed with a "proof of authenticity" sticker:
The inside of the box:
This is one coat of TMWTGG on a nail wheel:
I put 2 coats of TMWTGG over my existing manicure, it doesn't really do much over the gold but I love it over the blue!!!
This Top Coat is retailing for about $30, am I happy I bought it? Absolutely! Sometimes you have to splurge! If nothing else you can always put it on your wishlist, Christmas is right around the corner :) 
Let me know what you think! 
Thank you for stopping by,

Fiorella :)


  1. I love the way this looks! I'm not quite willing to pay the money for real gold, but it will be fun for the holidays (and just imagine gold flakies in a jelly sandwich!)

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Exactly, a fun little splurge once in a while :) and ohhhh you just gave me a great idea!!! I haven't done a jelly manic yet!!!

  2. Loving the gold flakes!! I think it's worth the splurge! :D

  3. Oooooo La La! I <3 TMWTGG! PERFECT top coat to add something extra special. LOVE it!

  4. l000ve it and you did such a good job with it. and its so worth buying it :)

  5. Soooo tempting! Thanks for posting this :)

  6. I'm LOVING the matte!
    And for whatever reason, I'm finding the "proof of authenticity" sticker extremely entertaining.