Thursday, September 20, 2012

ThightRope and RingMaster, my first tape mani!

Tonight I want to show you a mani I did a couple days ago. I bought some nail tape from eBay and had been dying to try it out :) I used two fabulous polishes I got in my beauty subscription bag MyGlam (now called ipsy and you can see my post on the latest bag here), the polishes are ThightRope and RingMaster, the brand is called Circus by Andrea's Choice. There are currently 5 colors in the collection and they will be available for sale in the Fall.

The colors are awesome, bright, just how I like them! They dry pretty fast to an almost matte finish. 
Left: TightRope (purple), Middle: butter LONDON Matte Finish Top Coat, Right: RingMaster (Pink)

So, here is what I did, I used my CND Stickey base coat, then I applied 2 coats of Pink (RingMaster), once dry I applied the nail tape in random patterns.

Note: I did not wait long enough because I was just too excited, it still turned out ok for my first time but I definitely recommend waiting until fully dry, you will get cleaner results :)

As far as the tape, I don't know about you girls, but I thought the adhesive was a bit to aggressive, tested on one nail and it was pulling the polish off when I peeled it (again this might have been because I didn't wait long enough). Anywho, what I did was cut a big tape piece, like enough for the 3 strips I put on each nail and stick it to the back of my hand a couple of times to get rid of some of the adhesive, then I cut it into the smaller pieces and placed them on the nails as shown. I made sure it was secure at the edges.

 Then I used ThightRope, the purple color, 2 coats over the taped nails.

I waited about 5 minutes and then I pulled the tape off and applied the butter LONDON Matte Finish Top Coat. It looks more matte in real life, this picture was after applying cuticle oil (ooops!)

Oh yeah, this is the awesome container the polish comes packaged in! I love it!

This is my very first attempt at using nail tape, definitely will try it again because I'm still scared of actual nail art and this is a simple enough method to spice up your mani! I have learned a thing or two! I am a bit impatient and next time I will wait longer so the polish is completely dry before applying the tape.

What do you think? Have you played with nail tape yet? 

Thank you for stopping by,

Fiorella :)